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Dental Health at Any Age

Dental Health: Pregnant women and children

The pregnant mother should ingest quality healthy food and take a lot of calcium supplements to give their children a good start in their future dental health. Taking folic acids is also a very good supplement to ensure that the baby does not develop a cleft lip and palate. When the baby is born the parents should always clean the babies gums using a wet clothing after feeding him/her. This help to prevent bacterial growth in the baby’s gums. When the baby attains the age of six months, teeth come in, parents are advised to use soft childrenís toothbrush to clean the baby’s teeth twice every day. This ensures good teeth and clean gum line preventing gum infections and tooth decay.

According to Dr. Mary Hayes, a pediatric dentist based in Chicago and an advocate of American Dental Association, tooth decay can affect children even those as young as 9 months old. It is very critical that parents should pay attention to their babyís teeth since they are not disposable. She recommends that should help in brushing their childrenís teeth until they attain the age of six years old. This ensures a good habit and a routine. It also good to note that children below the age of six years are not in a position of brushing their teeth effectively. Parents should always take their children to see a dentist at around 12 months of age. Feeding kids with very sweet, sugary and sticky foods should be avoided at all times. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians vegetables and fruits, crackers along with cheese are tooth-friendly snacks.

Dental Health: Grownups

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly Thirty-three percent of United States population have tooth decay, they always ignore it and does not seek treatment. Early diagnosis is very important, during the early stages dental decay is always painless and this can be realized during a dental checkup. A notable visual sign of different dental complication of periodontal disease involves the loss of bone section around the tooth and physicians help will be necessary.

Overall Hygiene oral Hygiene always dictates dental health. According to the clinical dental hygienist and leader of American Dental Hygienist Association, Diann Bomkamp, smoking cigarettes and a couple of other medications are some contributing factors of periodontal disease. He points out that there exist a direct relationship between gum disease and other infections. People under medication for high blood pressure, epilepsy or diabetes should involve in regular dental checkups. (To gain more knowledge, research on Dental Hygiene and Overall Health). If you are under medication, consult your dentist on how often you are to visit for routine dental examination. Always recommended to visit after every 6 months. Drinking fluoridated water should be a routine to avoid tooth decay or bleeding gums. Ensure that you get physicians help on fluoride supplements since most of the bottled water do not have fluoride supplements as an additive.

Dental Health: Old People

As people age, most of the old people keep their natural teeth. Old people need to visit the dentist regularly, as they have elevated chances of contracting throat infections and oral cancers (especially those who drink regularly or addicted to cigarettes). Bomkamp says that older people have increased the chance of dry mouths that significantly affect the old people’s oral health status. Those having dentures, it not good to unnecessarily avoid visiting a physician because you might not be cleaning up the dentures sufficiently. If you develop or have red and swollen gums you need to visit your dentist for a checkup, maybe your dentures donít fit well anymore.