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Oral Hygiene Affects Your Overall Health

How properly you care for your teeth and gums has a huge impact on your overall health. Ignoring your oral health can lead you to more than just bad breath and toothache. It actually can open the door to various kinds of health problems, such as oral cancer and other serious diseases. According to the reascent research, they found potential connections between gum problems and bacterial pneumonia, stroke, heart disease and even problems in pregnancies.

Richard H. Price, the spokesperson for the American Dental Association and a former clinical instructor at the Boston University Dental School, told: “You can not be healthy with a bad oral health just like you can’t be healthy with an infected foot”.

How Diet And Lifestyle Affect Oral Health

There are quite a few dietary habits and lifestyle factors that can affect your oral health, for example:

1. Sugar. If you have sugar loaded diet, it will contribute to gum disease and tooth decay, since the bacteria in your mouth flourish in this environment. It produces acids and enzymes which destroy tooth and gum.

2. Smoking. Smoking cigars and cigarettes and consuming tobacco products can cause various sorts of oral problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Cigars can also cause periodontal disease and pharyngeal or throat cancer. Prince claimed “The tobacco smoke has a toxic impact on gum, and can disturb the blood flow,” “Smoking also cause stains on your teeth and bad breath, it is also a primal cause of oral cancer”

3. Alcohol. Price told “Drinking can destroy your oral health indirectly. Since, it can cause a dry mouth, which encourages bacteria to wreck havoc.” “Moreover, people who addicted to alcohol are generally less likely to maintain good oral care habits.”

4. Weight changes. ìIf you wear dentures, changes in your weight can affect the way how dentures fit.”Price explained. ìJust like when you put on weight or lose weight, it affects the way clothes fit, the same can say about the gum pads where dentures rest. In order to assist maintaining a healthy weight and also prevent oral problems, eating lots of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables is recommended.

5. Medications. Prince claimed: “Some medications, especially some antibiotics, can cause stains in your teeth such as tetracycline staining. The way it affects your teeth depends on the age when you are taking them.” He added, “Between 200 and 400 prescribed or over-the-counter medications are believed to have the side effect causing dry mouth. A dry mouth can cause not only bad breath but also tooth decay and gum disease.”

Healthy Mouth Makes Healthy Body

In order to maintain your good oral health as well as overall good health, Price suggested you should make a regular visit to your dentist to detect any problems early. You should also maintain good oral hygiene routine at home by flossing and brushing your teeth regularly and carefully to avoid plaque accumulation, one of the main causes of problems. If you neglect your dental care, there is not much the dentist can do to nullify the potential damages it caused.